I can run again! I sought answers for my knee problems for 5 years from numerous doctors. I had an articular cartilage defect in my knee. At times I had to hold onto the hand railing to get upstairs. I was limited in how much I could walk or stand without pain. I found temporary solutions, but my life satisfaction tanked. I was an avid runner and cyclist. Another doctor performed a microfracture. That worked (kind of) for about a year. I also tried to improve my condition with physical therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections. Again, I experienced short-term relief, but I never returned to my favorite activities with any regularity. The pain always returned.

Then I found Dr. Cole and more options were available to me. Dr. Cole assessed my condition, made treatment recommendations based on research, educated me, and most of all he gave me hope. I had an osteochondral allograft transplant. Most other professionals never even mentioned this procedure to me. One mentioned it, but said I would be ruled out due to the microfracture of my age. Dr. Cole screened me and told me the specific criteria I had to meet in order to qualify for the surgery. Further, he informed me, based on his results and experience, why I was a good candidate for the surgery. Unfortunately, my insurance company did not agree. Dr. Cole fought for me. My surgery was approved after he went through the appeal process.

Dr. Cole is surrounded by an astute and effective team of professionals. He leads his team with decisive action and a kind manner. Kaily was specifically helpful throughout the process. She offered reassurance and recommendations when need. My physical therapist was always amazed at the recommendations I brought to him after speaking with Kaily. She also has a down to earth way about her that makes it easy to seek her out and ask her questions. She is smart and her responses improved my recovery.

I am hitting the year mark since my surgery. I was able to ride my bike all summer long. I can ride 50 miles again without any obvious consequences to my knee. I have enjoyed long hikes and short runs. Most of all, I fell more like myself again!

Thank you! Dr. Cole and his team certainly have made a difference in my life.

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