Unity? For All

With the Unity Sleeveless Vacuum by ?ssur, there is finally an elevated vacuum system for all prosthetic users. Whether an above-knee or below-knee, low active or high active, mechanical or microprocessor solution is required, the Unity Vacuum System offers the flexibility to combine a variety of ?ssur feet and knees to achieve the optimal combination of prosthetic components for each unique user.

Bob McGuire is a moderately active, 79-year-old unilateral above-knee amputee of the left leg.

Addressing a Medical Necessity

There are many reasons to believe that above-knee amputees will benefit from the use of elevated vacuum as much, if not more, than below-knee amputees.

  • Elevated vacuum suspension systems manage limb volume fluctuation, a problem that people with limb loss are challenged with.
  • When limb volume decreases, the socket is loose-fitting, often causing pressure to bony prominences, which may result in pain and/or injury to the limb.
  • The vacuum-assisted socket has shown to eliminate daily volume loss.
  • The combination of reduced pistoning and maintenance of volume is thought to account for the more symmetrical gait observed in users using elevated vacuum suspension.
  • Activity Balance Confidence scores were found to be significantly higher in participants using vacuum suspension (95% confidence), indicating a lower predicted incidence of future falls.


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