Kevin Cmunt and Shannon Wyatt, from Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network, discuss the logistics of tissue donation and the emotional stories that come from both the donor families and the receivers. To register to be a tissue/organ donor please visit?

How pitchers should train and recover to avoid injury: Patrick Pauley, Head Athletic Trainer for the Chicago Dogs Professional Baseball Team and Trainer at Athletico, discusses how overhead injuries need time to recover and analysis to be fixed. He tells Steve and Dr. Cole how session in physical therapy can help target abnormalities in throwing to prevent future injuries.

Ask the Doctor segment: Dr. Cole answers questions from listeners about when knee locking and popping is alarming, night pain in joints, and how to prepare body for recreational sports that occur once a week.

The decision to become an organ and tissue donor offers a precious gift to others: the hope for a new life. That?s why we work hard to fulfill our Work & Mission to remind people that the?gift of donation?makes hope possible for the thousands of people waiting for lifesaving organ and life-enhancing tissue transplants.

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