2020 will surely go down in history as a year that derailed our day-to-day lives. A year consisting of remote work and e-learning and the year that put a halt to many of our beloved sports and activities. Not only did families navigate new ways to adapt to all these sudden changes, so did businesses.

Our clinicians stepped up this year to share their expertise to help readers prevent back and neck pain when working or learning at home. They provided innovative ways for readers to exercise safely at home using items found around their household.

As we look back on this past year, we highlight the ten topics our readers had the most interest in. These are the top ten blogs of 2020!

  1. Why Is My Thumb Sore

If you are experiencing pain in the base of your thumb and wrist, it could be a symptom of osteoarthritis of the CMC or the carpometacarpal joint. Click the link to learn more about this type of arthritis and how a hand therapist at Athletico can help.

2. The Best Exercises for Your Low Back Pain

A common misconception is to rest when experiencing low back pain, but in certain instances that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this blog, Tanner from our East Des Moines clinic walks us through exercises to help reduce back pain and improve overall fitness and mobility.

3.Why It’s Safe to Attend Physical Therapy during COVID-19

Patients may be skeptical on whether or not it’s safe to receive physical or occupational therapy services during COVID-19. In this blog, Brandon from our New Albany clinic discusses the actions we are taking to ensure the safety of both our patients and employees.

4. Fall Prevention: Tips to Prevent Falls

According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for adults who are 65 years and older. Falls can be dangerous and cause serious injuries, and the fear of falling can prevent many from staying active. Learn more about what increases the risk of falling and tips to stay safe.

5. Preventing Back and Neck Pain when E-Learning

This school year looked very different for the many students that attended their classes from home. Back and neck pain are often a result of this new style of learning. In this blog, Tara from our Cedar Rapids Southwest clinic discusses tips to help reduce discomfort for your student.

6. Exercises to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is very important to keep strong and mobile. It provides support for the pelvic organs, including the bladder, uterus and rectum in the female pelvis. In the male pelvis, the pelvic floor supports the bladder and rectum. In this blog, Physical Therapist Rebecca walks through exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor.

7. Running with Pain You Might Have One of These Common Running Injuries

The last thing you want when getting your miles in is to feel a sudden pain in your hip or roll an ankle. Endurance specialist Blake discusses the top 10 most common running injuries and why they happen in this popular running blog.

8. Workout at Home with These Household Items

In the midst of lockdowns caused by COVID-19, our clinicians were happy to provide tips to our readers to achieve an effective workout at home! Read through this blog in which many everyday items in your household can be used as exercise equipment.

9. Concussion in High School Sports: Can Football Be Saved

The number of high school students playing football nationwide has dropped over the years. With an increased awareness in safety concerns, Clinton from our Romeoville clinic discusses the risk of concussions in football and other high school sports.

10. Home Workout Tips

The cooler temperatures and limited daylight hours that come with winter can make it difficult to fit exercise into your schedule. Add in concerns around COVID-19 and it becomes even more challenging. Use these tips to stay active to help you achieve a good workout at home!

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