HIIT is a very practical high-intensity interval training that is rapidly becoming popular among people who live and want to live an active life. Full-body exercises are performed intensively during this workout, combined with rest breaks. It’s a real hit! In this article, will learn more about HIIT classes and their pros.

The effectiveness

The effectiveness of high-intensity interval training makes it ideal for achieving the desired goals. Their effectiveness is especially noticeable when there is not enough time for simple training. You can train during your lunch break or spend some time in the evening and the results will be great.

A healthy heart

During other training programs, most people rarely reach the point where they can’t breathe anymore and their heart feels like it’s about to jump out of their chest. However, these moments increase endurance and improve the work of the heart and blood vessels. Studies have shown that a HIIT program has helped cyclists double their results. These results are related to better work of the cardiovascular system.

HIIT does not require additional equipment

These workouts do not require any additional equipment. This is not a new type of sport, but just a new way to do regular exercises. It doesn’t matter what sport you like – running, cycling, fitness or training in the gym. Every other program can be adapted to a program of high-intensity interval training.

Burn excess weight, not muscles

Everyone who has been on a diet knows how difficult it is to get rid of excess weight and not lose muscle mass. Combining strength and interval training allows you to preserve muscle mass and help you lose excess weight.

HIIT classes prolong our lives

Along with burning fat, interval training stimulates the production of growth hormones in the body even 24 hours after the workout. These are the good news because growth hormone is not only responsible for burning calories but also helps us inhibit the aging process. It is a scientifically known fact that some of our genetic material parts are related to aging processes and longevity. These parts are called telomeres. During a lifetime, our telomeres’ length is getting shorter. HIIT and exercises help increase it (telomere’s length). In addition, the longer telomeres are, the longer you live.

You do not need to fast

Practicing HIIT does not mean that you should starve yourself, on the contrary, you need to eat properly, and get enough protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The diet of a person practicing HIIT should be balanced, the body must receive enough protein and carbohydrates for effective training. Drinking a protein shake 30-40 minutes after your workout is recommended. 1.5 hours after training, you should eat a meal – preferably meat or fish with vegetables. It is advisable to use fat-burning supplements, including various multivitamins and NMN supplements. The good news – HIIT training doesn’t mean eating only healthy food. You can enjoy “unhealthy” foods (for instance, fast food) from time to time.

The bottom line

This training method is significantly superior in cases where you want to burn as much fat as possible without losing muscle mass. Long workouts are pretty bad for muscle tissue, while short, intense intervals can even stimulate muscle growth. Great and obvious examples are the marathon runner and the sprinter. The sprinter is much more muscular than those running long distances. Also, HIIT helps improve our metabolism and increase our life expectancy.

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