This Podcast Segment features an interview with Tom Lemming, @LemmingReport, Recruiting Analyst with CBS Sports to discuss how COVID is affecting college recruiting and how the Coronavirus is affecting the health of college football recruits.

Tom Lemming, a Chicago native, got his start as a stringer for suburban Chicago weeklies covering high school football games. In 1978, he began scouting football prospects, logging his findings in a newsletter he circulated to college coaches and fans alike. Tom Lemming was called ?the mailman? as he delivered information about the best recruits to hundreds of college coaches and football fanatics by personally interviewing and scouting players from coast to coast.


He continues his delivery by evaluating 1,200 of the top football recruits every year in his prep football tour. By traveling 50,000 miles from December through June with his tour, he diligently and tirelessly produces the Tom Lemming Prep Football Report, considered by many to be the “Bible”?of college football recruiting.

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