Podcast with Dr. Matthew Dawson, CEO of Wild Health-Genomics Based Personalized Medicine, talks with Dr. Cole about Covid testing services using scientifically and medically validated approaches for large populations, cost-effectively and rapidly.

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Wild Health is providing end-to-end covid testing and consulting services for US based businesses and event venues of any size to minimize interruption of business operations.

What Is Pooled Covid Testing?

Pooled Covid Testing is an underutilized strategy for mass medical testing that conserves time, tests, and costs associated with asymptomatic people?s safe return to work and mass gatherings. With a pooled testing approach the money and resources conserved would allow for much greater population sizes to be efficiently tested.

This 80-year-old testing strategy was developed to protect the Greatest Generation from infectious disease as they fought for freedom and defended the vulnerable amid World War II. In some cases, this is the perfect approach when testing is needed for large corporate and business populations.

About Wild Health and Covid Services

The Wild Health team is composed of physicians and scientists who understand event medicine, epidemiology, testing characteristics, and the dangers associated with a poor utilization of testing strategies.

Wild Health?s expertise is in the clinical application of serial testing, disease characteristics, and safety measures allows us to create protocols that bring the risk of infection to the lowest possible level.

Wild Health Covid Testing Services


Our team understands that a one-size-fits-all approach to your training and nutrition doesn?t make sense. Everyone responds differently to foods, movements, and supplements. This is based on your genetics and other environmental factors, so that?s where we?ll start.? Once we have a complete picture of your genetics, hormone levels, lab values, microbiome, and current fitness level we can develop a personalized, precision plan for optimizing your performance. This will include a personalized supplement, nutrition, training, and sleep program.

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