Steve Kashul and Dr. Cole discuss the protocol for COVID safety with return of the NBA season; Kevin Durant’s recovery and return to play after suffering an Achilles�?? tendon injury.

Kevin Durant, the Nets star, is healthy and ready to play N.B.A. basketball �?? or at least, as healthy as he�??ll ever be, he told reporters in a news conference last week.

�??Every drill that I�??ve done, I�??ve been going as hard as I could,�?� Durant said in one of his first comments to reporters since last year.

He added, with an expletive: �??I mean, I�??ve been in the league for 14 years. Even if I didn�??t have an Achilles�??, I probably wouldn�??t be 100 percent, you know? So the wear and tear over time, I guess, but I feel solid.�?�

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