Knee cartilage damage didn’t hold them back. KAYLA, an ER nurse gets back to caring for her patients after treating her damaged knee cartilage.

My MACI procedure had a positive impact on my ability to participate in daily activities. I can now spend long hours on my feet at work with confidence and I’m back to enjoying the activities I love.

Kaylas always been on the go. From playing competitive soccer in her youth to working as an ER nurse, she is lived a fast-paced active life. But when knee cartilage damage was preventing her from caring for her patients and enjoying the activities she loved, Kayla decided it was time to take action and care for herself.

After researching her treatment options with the help of her doctor, they decided to move ahead with MACI, a procedure that would use Kaylas own cells to repair her damaged knee cartilage and provide long-term* results. After her MACI procedure, Kaylas back to living an active life and working 12-hour shifts in the ER. And she couldn’t be happier about it.

See more of Kaylas comeback story and why she believes MACI rehab was worth it.

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