Episode 14.09

Segment One – ACL Surgical Failures

camoped_in_motionDarren Roberts, Education Coordinator for TheraTech Equipment?and Dr. Amelia Wiggins,??former Collegiate Division 1 Soccer player at Louisville who experienced 4 ACL surgeries and 2 subsequent failures, discuss factors, causes and symptoms related to ACL surgical?failures; proper Training and Therapy using the CAMOped Knee CPM to enhance rehab from knee surgery.

Segment Two – Testing and Player Selection Process during?the NBA Combine

nbaCombineTeam Physician, Dr. Brian Cole and Chicago Bulls Radio Host, Steve Kashul discuss the medical, orthopedic and functional screening process to evaluate and select players coming up through the NBA Combine. What physical issues appear most frequently and how they are discovered.

Segment Three – The Loaded Movement Training Program For Fitness Professionals

LoadedMovement.AthletePete McCall from Institute of Motion?discusses Loaded Movement Training and the evolution of functional training by moving weight through gravity. The IoM Methodology incorporates a total body strength science involving muscle, bone and fascial structures along with neural patterning?in an integrated system for optimizing physical strength and athletic performance. [37:00]

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