EPISODE?14.02: Nutrition – MLB Pre-season – Fantasy Sports Injury Update

nutritionCertified Holistic?Health Counselor and Psychology of Eating Coach, Karen Malkin bringing it together with a practical approach to whole foods and simple strategies for healthy living. Karen talks with Dr. Cole and Steve Kashul about her recent Corporate Wellness Workshops in Los Angeles.

Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph?from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush?and Head Team Physician for the Chicago White Sox is featured in Segment 2, discussing MLB Spring Training?and?Pre-season Physicals. Focusing on Shoulder and Elbow health, frequency of ‘Tommy John’ surgeries and the importance of MRI evaluations.

Segment 3 features the show staple, ‘Sports Fantasy Injury Update’ with Kyle Pilz and a discussion on Tiger Woods recent back surgery, return to play expectations after a Microdiscectomy and recent back injuries in the NBA. All great?stories, Compelling and Rich. [30:00]

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