2 x Paralympic Gold Medalist, Rudy Garcia-Tolson will attempt to complete his second Ironman at Challenge Roth (Germany) �?? a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 marathon. Garcia-Tolson, 25, became the first double-above knee amputee to complete an Ironman in 2009 at Ironman Arizona.
Garcia-Tolson will be one of six athletes featured in the film �??Challenge Roth,�?� a documentary that showcases the physical and mental toughness one must exhibit to rise above various obstacles. He has also recently announced that he will attempt to compete in 3 sports at the 2016 Rio Paralympics �?? athletics, swimming and triathlon.

“Having no legs is really a gift,” says Rudy Garcia-Tolson. “If I wasn�??t an amputee, I probably wouldn�??t have the same drive to do what I do.�?� What Rudy does is spend six or seven hours a day in athletic training, routinely break world records in swimming, compete in triathlons, and tour the country as a motivational speaker to spread his message that �??A Brave Heart is a Powerful Weapon.�?�  He’s been picked to carry an Olympic torch and named one of People Magazine’s 20 teens that will change the world. Oh, and he’s buddies with movie star Robin Williams and has appeared on Oprah. All of that would be a staggering achievement for any young man, but Rudy was born with multiple birth defects: a club foot, webbed fingers on both hands, and a cleft lip and palate.

Follow Garcia-Tolson�??s Challenge Roth Ironman and Paralympic journey onhttp://rudygt.com.


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