Steve Kashul and Dr. Cole talk with Eric Ridings, BS, LMT about the Golf Mobility & Functional Training Program at Mobility Works Chicago for improving performance and preventing injury.

Mobility Works is an in-person and digital service designed to help golfers get the most out of their bodies. Mobility Works uses data from over 100,000 pro and amateur golfers to design safe and efficient programs that maximize power, distance and consistency. Offering weekly golf-specific fitness and mobility classes based off of Titleist Performance Institute’s Physical Assessment and Power Courses. These classes focus on mobility, flexibility, core strength, and power while reducing the incidence of injury.

After graduating with a degree in Exercise Science,?Eric Ridings entered?the fitness industry in?2012, starting at Equinox?Fitness?Clubs. During his time there, he rose to the highest position available to trainers. Throughout his career, Eric has constantly pursued higher education in golf and human movement,?including:

?- Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Fitness Coach

?-?Titleist?Performance Institute Certified Power Coach

?- Clinical Massage Therapist

?- Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Mobility Specialist

?- Certified KinStretch Instructor

?- Graston Certified Soft Tissue Therapist

Eric has worked with clients of all ages, needs and experience levels. With his?detailed education background and over 8 years of experience, he is?equipped?to help any one realize their full potential.

Contact Eric directly with any questions at

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