Downloading apps and making use of their various functionalities has become an integral part of modern-day society, especially in the health and fitness space. These types of products have been featured in the news far more in recent times, particularly as the offering in this space continually improves. In fact, some of the apps available on both iOS and Android are hugely detailed and provide users with a whole host of beneficial features. For instance, you can use a dedicated app to watch live sports or follow the latest news.

For most people, these types of products accompany their daily exercise routine and enable them to gain a clearer understanding of various aspects of health, such as dietary requirements and even additional exercises, which can lead to an improvement around results. Even some of the top athletes around the world are known to use a variety of health and fitness apps to stay on top of a training regime and to provide extra support as and when they need it. 

Overall, in the sports category of smartphone applications, the offering is vast. People aren’t just using health and fitness apps either, also turning to sports apps to keep up to date with the latest news and views ahead of watching a big race or placing some football bets, while also accessing a range of useful content online from popular platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Essentially, people who tend to have a strong focus on health and fitness generally follow sport and watch health and fitness-related content on YouTube. They all feed into each other. But it’s the health and fitness apps that are particularly impressive, helping to change peoples’ lives and give them the support and direction they require.

With a whole host of health and fitness apps being downloaded already in 2022, below is a look at some of the best of them. 

Map My Fitness

An app by popular sportswear brand Under Armour, Map My Fitness focuses on several aspects of health and fitness, but it’s especially ideal for people who are keen to smash any fitness foals thanks to its personalised training programmes, which offer users access to over 800 exercises and a range of helpful workouts.


Regarded by many as being the best calorie-counting app you can find on the market today, MyFitnessPal connects users to its huge food database, therefore helping its community to keep on top of their food intake as they make use of the app’s useful functionalities. For example, the app will tell you the specific amount of calories in dishes you’re keen to cook up, while also giving you feedback on potential foods to eat and the benefits they’ll provide. The app also gives its community of users weight plans and over 350 exercises, while also enabling people to gain support and feedback in the shape of tips and advice.

Adidas Running App by Runtastic 

A favourite app for many runners over the last few years, the Adidas Running App is available on both iOS and Android and is also applicable to cyclists and any outdoor enthusiasts. The main benefit of this particular product is its excellent map routes which also feature impressive tracking tools where users can track their progress in real-time and make use of the app’s built-in GPS. Additional details provided, such as graphs and charts alongside calories burned and distance, also add to the app’s all-round solid offering.



Extremely popular with runners and cyclists, in particular, Strava has received rave reviews for its tracking tools around distance, speed, and calories burned. For cyclists, the app also enables users to make use of in-depth analysis of their rides while also providing them with the opportunity to connect with fellow users in the area in order to compare results and gain a clearer understanding of exactly where they’re at in terms of their fitness goals.

Other apps well worth exploring in this space are Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer, Fooducate, Glo, Sworkit, and 5/3/1 Strength. 

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