Injuries & Diagnosis

Injuries and Diagnosis

The Women’s Sports Medicine Program at Rush provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment from a woman-to-woman perspective. Our physicians understand that sports activity impacts women in a different way, and are in tune with the unique needs of the woman athlete.

In this section of the site you will find detailed information on some of the sports-related injuries that impact women athletes the most. Of course, only an examination by a sports medicine physician can accurately diagnose sports-related injuries. However, the injury information provided in the links below can serve as a valuable tool for injury prevention and overall orthopaedic health.

? Stress Fractures
? Knee Injuries

Treatment & Rehabilitation

Treatment and Rehabilitation

The Women’s Sports Medicine Program at Rush offers the most advanced orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation services in the region. In addition, The Women’s Sports Medicine Program also provides the female athlete with effective injury prevention, nutrition, and exercise evaluation programs.


  • Physical and occupational therapy services designed to prevent and treat injuries


  • Consult with Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist
  • Optimize your overall nutrition
  • Weight reduction/maintenance
  • Vitamin and supplement evaluation

Injury Prevention

  • Individual assessment and consultation

Exercise Evaluation

  • Sub-maximal and maximal stress testing
  • Body composition evaluation
  • Comprehensive individual program


  • Comprehensive risk and diagnostic evaluation
  • Prevention education
  • Treatment management


  • Ongoing studies related to women’s sports medicine issues

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