With winter at the door, longer nights and harsh weather in the northern hemisphere are expected. Bicycle enthusiasts won’t have the luxury of getting out on the road after work or in the morning, especially in places where the weather can create hazards on the road, such as fog, rain, and snow. The best solution is getting ready to invest in a bike trainer that can ensure your body is not forgetting how to ride a bicycle.

We will be guiding you through this purchase by mentioning a few of the most important things you need to consider before buying.

Types of Bike Trainers

Before you begin to look for brands, you need to make sure that you know what type of trainers you need. There is no doubt that all bike trainers will provide you with an adequate workout, but your preferences should be taken into account as well. There are 3 main options if you are considering an indoor bike trainer.

1. Wind Bike Trainers

The wind bike trainer is designed to offer resistance to the user by using wind. The wheel of the bike is attached to a rotating fan that resists wind pressure as you pedal. It’s quite simple to use because all you will need to do is pedal harder for more resistance. They are quite cheap, making them perfect as a beginners first choice. You can easily transport them anywhere because they are lightweight. The only issues that you will encounter are the fans noise and the lack of adjustments that you can do on the trainer.

2. Magnetic Bike Trainers

Magnetic trainers are quite popular and you will find them in almost every gym. They use a magnetic flywheel to control the resistance. Unlike the wind bike, pedaling harder won’t increase the resistance. There are more options when it comes to controlling the resistance, such as spring-loaded magnets and shifting gears. They are cheap and they don’t make much noise, making it convenient for indoor setups.

3. Fluid Bike Trainers

A lot of professional bikers prefer to use fluid bike trainers because they are often the best when it comes to accuracy in simulating a real bicycle on the road. It uses a special fluid inside that can mimic the road experience. You won’t need to make a lot of adjustments to get a great experience, but you need to take into account that they are pricier than any other type.

Bike Trainer Size

The size of the trainer is highly dependent on the type of workout you need and your figure. You need to look for options that provide you with stability and usability. If you are looking for the best bike trainer for you, you need to take its size into account. Smaller bikes are perfect for transportation and outdoor workouts. Bigger bikes offer you the best stability and resistance controls to ensure a full-on workout or road simulation.


The budget is one of the most important variables that you need to account for, but it shouldn’t be the only parameter. When you are comparing prices, look for the prices of different trainers and brands in the same category. It’s not ideal to compare different types because there are other variables at play as well. Look for the type of experience that you will need before you settle on a type based on the price.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself drowning in many options when it comes to bike trainers, especially when you take into account the many brands and types available. Whether you are using the bike trainer for weight loss or to stay fit, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice if you consider the mentioned aspects.

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