Featured on tomorrow’s show will be an interview with ACL Specialist, Cindy Krebsbach from Athletico Physical Therapy, talking about how to reduce your risk of ACL injuries.Cindy Krebsbach

    • Having a strong core
    • Mobility
    • ACL 3P program
      • Which type of athlete can benefit
      • What should the program include
      • When should you start the program

Infected elite and pro athletes trying to get back

Dr. Cole and Steve will discuss various interviews with athletes who have contracted the virus ? from professionals to college athletes to weekend hobbyists ? revealing their surprise at the potency of its symptoms, struggles to re-establish workout regimens, lingering battles with lung issues and muscle weakness, and unsettling bouts of anxiety about whether they would be able to match their physical peaks.

Ask The Doctor Segment

Dr. Cole talks about a few major league pitchers coming off of Tommy John surgery and 100% ready to pitch again. In case there is no MLB season, would it better for them to take another year off or better for them to play? – and- the best way to rehab from rotator cuff surgery.

Tune-in Saturday June 6, 2020 at 8 am/c on 670TheScore?

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