Episode 14.17

Segment One – Weight training & Shoulder Injuries?

Dr. Anthony Romeo?discusses the evolution of weight training, cross-training and Plyometrics related to shoulder injuries; causes, treatment and proper technique to avoid injury.

Dr. Romeo is a distinguished orthopedic surgeon with over 20 years experience working in academic medicine. In addition to his role as professor in the Department of Orthopedics at Rush University Medical Anthony A. Romeo, M.D.Center in Chicago, IL, he serves as the program director of the Shoulder?and Elbow Fellowship, and section head of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in the Division of Sports Medicine at Rush. Dr. Romeo also serves as co-team physician for the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Bulls.


Segment Two – What is the Pose Method?

With?Shilpi Havron from Accelerated Rehab

Developed by three-time Olympic running coach Dr. Nicholas Romanov,?the Pose Method?uses gravity, key body poses and body weight to increase efficiency. It consists of three elements: ?Pose ? Fall ? Pull? and uses gravity as the primary force for forward movement instead of muscular energy.

Guided by an Accelerated physical therapist certified in the Pose Method who uses video analysis of a patient?s gait and form, Pose Method runners learn how to adjust their body position and use gravity to conserve energy and increase speed. This is typically done in in an Accelerated clinic, but can also be taught outdoors.

running pose sequence

The Pose Method emphasizes a whole body pose, which vertically aligns shoulders, hips and ankles with the support leg, while standing on the ball of the foot. The runner then changes the pose from one leg to the other by falling forward and allowing gravity to do the work. The support foot is pulled from the ground with efficient use of the hamstring, while the other foot drops down freely, in a change of support. This creates forward movement, with the least amount of energy use and effort. This simple sequence of movements: the fall and the pull, while staying in the pose, is the essence of this technique.

Shilpi Havron received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from University of Southern California and has been a physical therapist for 11 years. A running injury specialist, she sees patients at the North Naperville Accelerated center at 115 E. Ogden Avenue in Naperville.? An avid runner herself, she has been hitting the pavement for 30 years.? She works with the Nequa Valley High School track and cross country teams and recently ran the Ragnar Relay with a former patient. The relay starts in Madison, WI and ends in Chicago.

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