Try the Fastest Total-Body Workout Ever

Take another step toward your fitness goals by taking 15 minutes for a totally awesome total-body workout.

Walk the dog. Get ready. Feed the kids. Fight traffic. Let?s face it?mornings are just busy, busy, busy. But fitting in fitness doesn?t have to mean waking up at o?dark thirty.

That?s where The FitStar 15 comes in. You can get fit in just 15 minutes, and since the exercises are all time-based, ?you can set your own pace to make it as challenging as you?d like.

With moves like skipping scissor kicks, dive bombers, and star skaters, The FitStar 15 will kick your cardio into high-gear and give you a total-body strength workout in just 15 minutes. It?s the perfect routine for busy moms, business travelers, and anyone looking to slip a sweat session into a tight schedule.

Fast and overall fit?who wouldn?t like that? Hit play now to get started!



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