Episode 17.28?Rerun

Segment One (01:35):?Personal Trainer?Gerard Iacullo & Director of?Jim Karas?Intelligent Fitness and Wellness?talks about The Importance of Movement-The foundation upon which everything is built.

Due to our western lifestyles, most people, as they age and do desk duty, start to lose basic mobility and range of motion in their joints.?This only gets worse as time goes on and I have come to the firm conclusion based on the research and my own observations that prioritizing a movement practice which seeks to recapture normal joint range of motion and flexibility is the cornerstone to any fitness program or physical life endeavor.

When people decide to embark upon a fitness regimen, they rarely give any thought to the following question.

?Do?I possess the prerequisite range of motion in order to perform exercise in a safe and effective manner??

This discussion addresses simple yet effective protocols that EVERY person should perform daily that will open up a medley of options in terms of human performance and exercise. While traits like strength and endurance are very important attributes to acquire, optimal and usable range of motion in a persons joints trumps all.

Segment Two (16:19):?Dr.Craig J. Della Valle?from?Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush?talks about?Joint Replacements in Young Active Patients; What they can expect and time it takes to return to sport.

Dr. Craig Della Valle? ? ?Dr. Dell Valle specializes in Hip and Knee Reconstruction and Replacement and is?Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery, Rush University Medical Center.
? ? ?Dr. Della Valle is a native of New York and received his?undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.? He completed his residency at the Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City.
? ? ?During his residency he spent a full year devoted to clinical and basic science research in the field of adult reconstructive surgery.? Dr. Della Valle completed a fellowship in adult reconstructive surgery at Rush University Medical Center and Central DuPage Hospital.

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