Walkers and Runners — Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy

As a walker or a runner, you demand a lot from your feet. From the moment you rise from bed in the morning till you

Wear the Right Basketball Shoes to Avoid Injury

Basketball shoes are one of the most critical pieces of equipment for a basketball player. They can either make or break your game; if you

Five Types of Sports-Related Foot Injuries

As a recreational or professional sports person, whether young or old, you’re likely to get injuries at one point or another. Many sports-related injuries usually

How to Avoid and Treat Common Sports Injuries

In 2021, 3.2 million people were treated in emergency departments for injuries involving sports and recreational equipment according to the national safety council. The activities most frequently

What are the Most Common Foot Injuries in Sports?

Did you know that the most common foot injury in sports is a sprain? The ankle is the most commonly injured part of the body,

How A Podiatrist Can Help You Prevent Sports Injuries

Whether you enjoy sports recreationally or you’re a professional athlete, there’s no doubt that pain is a major fear of active people. This fear can

4 Common Foot Injuries And 5 Treatment Options

Like other parts of your body, your feet play a crucial role in your day-to-day life since they provide balance, mobility, and support. Since you’re

Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Marcus Peters Among NFL’s Worst Injuries Of 2021

Cardinals Need A Healthy Kyler Murray The Arizona Cardinals simply haven’t been the same without superstar quarterback Kyler Murray, who missed his second consecutive game

The Importance of Wearing Proper Athletic Footwear

Whether you’re running, boxing, or cross-training, having decent sports shoes is crucial. Not only is it more difficult mobility-wise with the wrong shoes, but it

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