Introducing Sports Medicine Weekly Podcast

with Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul   

Sports Medicine Weekly Podcast is brought to you by team physician Dr. Brian Cole and Bulls Radio Host Steve Kashul, discussing a broad range of topics on Sports Injury Prevention, Sports Injury Treatment, Fitness and Nutrition.

Authoritative, informative  and engaging content is presented by nationally recognized speakers. Lineups include surgeons, therapists, coaches, trainers, elite athletes and suppliers of related products and services. Twenty minute episodes are posted twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays and also feature the popular ‘Ask the Doctor‘ segment and discussion of a current Pro-athlete Injury.

Net Proceeds from Sports Medicine Weekly are donated to the LiveActive Fund for the Advancement of Orthopedic Research and Cell Biology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago IL.

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RushPT-Select Sports, our nationally recognized sports medicine program, is a comprehensive, industry-leading program tailored to meet the physical demands of active people like you. Our program touts nationally known specialists in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and concussion rehabilitation, and exclusive

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