Safe Thanksgiving Cooking Tips from a Hand Therapist

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to show gratitude and enjoy the company of family and friends. This year, due to the recent pandemic, our gatherings

What Does Waking Up With Numb Hands Mean?

Do you ever find yourself waking up with a tingling sensation running through your hands, fingers, or wrist? Or feel?any sort of?sharp pain in your

Treatments for Common Basketball Injuries

Common Basketball Injuries What are the most common basketball injuries, how can you differentiate each injury, and what forms of treatment are offered? We have

Why Visit a Hand Therapy Specialist?

If you?re experiencing pain in your hand, wrist or arm, ATI Physical Therapy certified hand therapists will guide your recovery through expert hand therapy services.


Video Presented by JRF Ortho: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in the hand and wrist caused by excessive pressure on the median nerve in

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