Ep. 17: Icing Your Pitching Arm Does It Work?

In this episode, Dr. Brian Cole and Steve discuss icing a pitcher’s arm and the perceived benefits. However, no published peer-reviewed research has shown definitively

5 Tips To Reduce Healing Time From A Sports Injury

Sports players are never terrified to get hurt; in fact, it goes with the territory. Whats petrifying to them, though, is getting injured and spending

Ep 9: NBA COVID Protocol; How the Vaccine Works and why it’s Important; Myth vs. Reality

Dr. Brian Cole provides in depth understanding of the disease and how we can all be protected. What The future holds as herd immunity evolves.

Interview with Zach LaVine: An Athlete’s Perspective on Injury and Working with Team Physicians

Dr. Brian Cole from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush talks with Zach LaVine about his career, his injury and his perspective on working with team physicians.

When Can I Play Again: Tibia Fracture

Tibia fractures are complicated injuries, typically requiring many months of recovery before a return to sports; An open fracture, in which the broken bone is

Why Sweat Testing Matters with Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Interview with Linda Samuels from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute: What information the sweat analysis test collects and how it can improve performance of all-level

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