Time for a Training Break

Whether you’re new to the sport of triathlon or jumping back in after a longer break in racing, many are excited to drop any weight

Hourly 4-s Cycle Sprints Prevent Inactivity-Induced Impairment of Fat Metabolism

It is well known that daily exercise has health benefits, and physical inactivity is unhealthy. Inactivity, typically characterized by daily sitting time, needs to be

5 Ways To Recover From A BMX Injury

For athletes, there is nothing more frustrating than getting injured. And the pain that accompanies the injuries isn’t even the main issue. It’s the downtime

Back to biking 50 miles after Knee Surgery

KAREN O’ KEEFFE’S STORY I can run again! I sought answers for my knee problems for 5 years from numerous doctors. I had an articular

Do Runners Need to Wear Masks?

Jane Rosen began yelling sometime in April. By May, it had become routine. The incidents usually occur near her minivan, which she parks alongside?Central Park

Want To Lose Fat? You Need Zone 2 Exercise

In zone 2 heart rate exercise you?ll preferentially use fat for fuel, making this a very effective way to lose body fat; There are several

Soy Supplementation by Male Endurance Athletes: The Competitive Edge?

Supplementation with soy products has received negative attention in males due to soy?s structural and biological similarities to estrogens. However, soy components may actually interact

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