10 Bad And Unhealthy Work From Home Habits You Need To Avoid Right Now

So, you are working from home! Here are some of the habits you absolutely need to avoid if you are planning to stay on a

The top health and fitness apps available for download in 2022

Downloading apps and making use of their various functionalities has become an integral part of modern-day society, especially in the health and fitness space. These

Maximizing the Squat Exercise

In this episode of Sports Medicine Weekly, Dr. Brian Cole sits down with Dustin Jesberger, PT, DPT from RUSH Physical Therapy to discuss maximizing the

The Surprising Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Boating

When we take part in something we enjoy, otherwise known as a hobby, feel-good chemicals like dopamine are released in the brain. With a hobby

10 Foods to Avoid When You Have Arthritis

For those who suffer from arthritis, simple dietary changes may help reduce inflammation and provide relief. Research shows that eliminating certain foods and beverages may

Turn in at 10 for Optimum Heart Health

The old adage, Early to bed and early to rise may actually hold some scientific truth. New research indicates that the time you go to

Maintain Memory and Focus by Avoiding These 5 Foods

While the temptation of French fries washed down with soda or a cold beer is real, new evidence shows those looking to enhance memory and

How Exercise Affects Metabolism and Weight Loss

A new analysis of data from “The Biggest Loser” highlights the complex ways the body compensates when we drop pounds. Many of us remember “The

The Reasons Why High School Sports Benefit Students

Undoubtedly, regular physical activity carries a lot of benefits, contributing to healthier and longer life. It positively affects both mind and body, making them function

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