Percussive Massage Devices: Muscle Relief in the Palm of Your Hand

In this week’s episode of Sports Medicine Weekly, Dr. Cole reviews some of the evidence-based benefits of the increasingly popular Percussive massage devices. Percussive massage

How to Stay Fit as a Busy Working Professional

While most of us know how crucial exercise can be for our health and well-being, it’s not always easy finding the time for it when

What are the Most Common Foot Injuries in Sports?

Did you know that the most common foot injury in sports is a sprain? The ankle is the most commonly injured part of the body,

Fifty Years of Title IX: Celebrating Women in Sports

June 23 marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX, a groundbreaking federal law that prohibited sex discrimination in education, stating that, “no person in the

Top Insider Secrets: How The Best Fitness Trainers Think

People register at gyms for diverse reasons. Some people register in early January in a bid to fulfil their new year resolutions to be healthy

Dance Your Way to Fitness

While some hard-core athletes may question the classification of dance as sport, the superb muscle tone and tremendous fitness of dancers prove otherwise. In fact,

4 Benefits Of Variable Resistance Training For Strength

Strength training is best done with a set program in mind. It can be hard to stick to a plan if you are sore or

How to Maintain a Healthy Brain

Brain Health and Why It’s Important The brain is one of your most vital organs, it controls your body’s functions and helps you understand and

Develop Power with Plyometrics

Are you trying to improve your strength, speed, or endurance? If so, you might want to consider plyometric training.  Plyometrics (also known as plyos or

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