International Women’s Day: Top 10 Health Tips for Women

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, there’s no better time to share some health and fitness tips geared specifically to women. Balancing the demands

Recovery Techniques to Maximize Your Performance      

Competitive athletics, at the youth, recreational, and elite levels alike, place incredible demands on the body. Longer, more frequent practices, along with demanding game schedules,

Is Matcha Healthy? You Betcha!

So, what’s all the hype about matcha? You can find the trendy new superfood in teas, powders, shots, bars, lattes, and even desserts. But, does

Amino Acids vs. Protein Powder

Amino Acids vs. Protein Powder

Protein powders and amino acid supplements deliver different results. Protein powders boost your total protein and contribute calories, so they support muscle building and can

How the Pandemic has Changed our Fitness Behaviors

How has the pandemic changed your daily life? How has it changed positively and how has it changed your life negatively? From physically distancing from

How to Avoid Sports Injuries

Well, for an athlete, injury is very common. Where there is one disadvantage for playing sports, there are many pros as well. It is good

Intermittent Fasting: Fad or Fact?

In this week’s episode of the Sports Medicine Weekly Podcast, Dr. Brian Cole discusses intermittent fasting. Chances are, you’ve heard about Intermittent Fasting (IF). It’s

4 Health And Wellness Tips For Athletes After Game Day

The effects of a big game day can reach farther than you may expect. While you’re reeling from the excitement of it all, it’s easy

How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or simply trying to improve your health, you’ve likely been told to make sure to drink enough water.

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