How to Maintain a Healthy Brain

Brain Health and Why It’s Important The brain is one of your most vital organs, it controls your body’s functions and helps you understand and

9 Must-Know Injury Prevention Tips For Equestrians During Horse Racing 

Horse racing can be one of the most exciting sports for both the participants and the crowd, but the sport exposes participants to injuries unique

Exercising With Knee Pain: Do’s and Don’ts

Exercise can often be the last thing on the mind of someone suffering from a chronic knee pain condition. And as research indicates, many people

The Benefits of Cross Training

In this week’s episode of the Sports Medicine Weekly podcast, Dr. Brian Cole, head team physician for the Chicago Bulls, and team physician for the

7 Things Every Athlete Should Know About His Heart

Any strenuous exercise, including performance athletics, raises the body’s oxygen demand. As a result, in particular, Endurance and elite athletes undergo unique adaptations, such as

Necessary Steps To Take After Getting an Injury During Training

Living an active life is great, but it can have consequences, too. According to, injuries can occur on the sports field, at the gym,

Physical Activities for Seniors: How Much Is Enough?

Movement and maintaining some level of fitness is important throughout the lifecycle. Often, though, exercise will look different as one ages. Physical activity recommendations for

How Exercise can Help you Manage Autoimmune Disorders

You’ve heard it a million times before—regular exercise is good for you. It can help you control your weight, reduce your risk of heart disease,

Turmeric: Fact or Fad?

Turmeric, one of the key ingredients in curry, is receiving increased attention as a health food additive. Like many spices, turmeric has a long history

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