Help your patients prepare better and recover faster from surgery with nutritional optimization. Nutritional optimization is a significant unmet medical need in orthopaedic surgery.

• Nutrition status is a stronger predictor of surgical outcomes than obesity

• Nutrition status is directly associated with risk of complications and readmission

• Nutrition plays an important role in patient engagement and well-being

The Ortho Nutrition Bundle

A 4-week nutrition supplement program designed to help patients prepare better and recover faster from surgery, containing:

• 56 Servings of Protein Isolate (ISOlution®)

• 3 Servings of Preoperative Carbohydrate (PREcovery®)

• A Shaker Bottle (with measurements)

• A Patient Instructions Booklet The Ortho Nutrition Bundle integrates seamlessly into orthopaedic practices, taking the guesswork out of nutrition for both the patient and the provider.

Evidence-Based Solution

Developed with leading nutrition researchers and orthopaedic specialists to improve outcomes in orthopaedic surgery by:

• Augmenting muscle mass, strength and size

• Improving wound healing

• Keeping patients in an anabolic state of metabolism

• Empowering patients to address a modifiable risk factor Nutrition is an essential component of prehabilitation and surgical optimization.

Products and Protocol

ISOlution®: An ion-exchange protein isolate with elevated leucine content. Taken before and after surgery to reduce the loss of muscle and improve wound healing. PREcovery®: A preoperative carbohydrate with rapid-emptying polysaccharides. Taken prior to surgery as an alternative to fasting to reduce surgical stress and improve patient experience.

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