The following Terms of Service (?Season Seven Agreement?) is between Sports Medicine Weekly LLC (Service Provider) and (Sponsor). The purpose of this agreement is for advertisement opportunities associated with the ESPN Radio Show and Sports Medicine Weekly Blog. Sports Medicine Weekly maintains control of final programming and content. The Service Provider agrees to deliver the following assets to the Sponsor. ______________________________________________________________________

Sports Medicine Weekly Blog Advertising Component for?12 Months Starting April 1, 2017.

1. Publishing of two articles per month from sponsor blog, videos or other content resource with embedded links where appropriate. Articles are accessible from the Articles menu, Category list in the sidebar and the Topic Search function at the top and bottom of all pages. All posts are promoted on social media. Article shall include contributor credits and sponsor Logo Banner with embedded link. Banner image to be supplied by Sponsor. 2. Skyscraper Banner (160×600 pixels) displayed in sidebar with embedded link. Banner locations will be rotated weekly. Banner image to be supplied by Sponsor. 3. Logo Banner (300×250 pixels) displayed in footer of each page with embedded link. Banner image to be supplied by Sponsor. 4. Exclusive Partner page and Article page with embedded links accessed from the main menu. ______________________________________________________________________

ESPN Radio Show Component 36 weekly shows starting April 8, 2017.

Airing each Saturday at 8:30 AM on ESPN Chicago 1000-WMVP-AM Radio. Subject to ESPN Terms & Conditions.

1. Multiple interviews subject to content criteria and scheduling guidelines. 2. One 00:30 Commercial Spot in each show, production with voice-over included. Script to be provided by sponsor. 3. Weekly promos with tag line during other programming on ESPN 1000 Chicago Radio. 4. Mention in Billboard with tag line at the open or close of each show. 5. All show Podcasts are published in the Sports Medicine Weekly Blog with show description, embedded links and images including sponsor Logo Banner. Banner image to be supplied by Sponsor. 6. Podcasts shall be made available on the SMW Podcast Archive Page on ESPN Chicago and the SMW Blog. Podcast syndication shall include Apps for Android and iOS devices, RSS Feed, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spreaker Podcast Radio, Tunein Radio,, Stitcher Radio, SMW Podcast Player, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. ______________________________________________________________________

Net Proceeds from Sports Medicine Weekly are donated for the Advancement of Orthopedic Research and Cell Biology at Rush University Medical Center.

In consideration for the above delivered assets, Sponsor agrees to pay to Sports Medicine Weekly LLC starting April, 2017: $18,000.00 in 12?Monthly Installments of $1,500.

Upon receipt of this form, Sports Medicine Weekly LLC agrees to deliver the above assets for the total price listed and will acknowledge this agreement by return email.