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Since 1994, Thera Tech Equipment, Inc. has been Chicagoland?s leading provider of Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices to patients who seek post-operative orthopedic therapy that results in faster and greater mobility with less pain. Our trusted staff is on-call 24/7 to provide fast, knowledgeable customer assistance.

We are cousins first and business partners second. As a family-run business, providing the highest quality equipment and outstanding customer service is rooted in our family values.?Our inspiration and our measure of success come from seeing the medical professionals and their patients who have used our CPM devices happy and healthy.


CPM is Continuous Passive Motion, a post-operative therapy designed to aid in recovery after joint surgery, both in the hospital and at home. If a patient fails to move the joint sufficiently and properly after surgery, it will become stiff and scar tissue will form. This may result in a joint with limited range of motion, from which it can take months of physical therapy to recover. A CPM device is used to move the joint through a prescribed range of motion for an average of 3-6 weeks without the patient?s muscles being used.



  • Reduced pain, stiffness and swelling with an increase in synovial fluid flow helping in the healing process
  • Increased range of motion
  • Decreased formation of random scar tissue or adhesions

See our?entire line of CPM technology?and?call us?or consult your physician for more information about getting started toward faster recovery.