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The DJO Surgical Hip Replacement, Direct Anterior Approach Patient Flipbook is an interactive, digital magazine that can be viewed on digital devices such as iPads and other tablets, laptops and smart phones. The Flipbook is designed to be flipped through like a magazine but with interactive image pop-ups, patient testimonial videos, and surgical procedure animations.

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Hip Pain

Recognizing symptoms

  • Gait change or favoring of one leg or the other.
  • Knee pain with or without swelling, and even possible buckling.
  • Back pain, especially if it has arrived after a gait change or knee pain.
  • Stiffness of hip joint, resulting in such things as trouble getting up stairs, difficulty getting into and out of cars; trouble rising from a chair, especially low ones; limping in the morning or after sitting for a while.
  • Groin or buttock pain.
  • A change in posture, often noted first by a friend or partner.

Hip anatomy? ?Arthritic hip


In discussing the problem, which is now identified as a hip problem, your doctor may well use the word osteoarthritis. Arthritis itself is a catch all phrase meaning an inflammation or breakdown of a joint, and that is all it means. It can affect any joint of the body, from toes to spine. It always implies some degree of pain, some degree of limitation of range of motion (stiffness), and some degree of objective evidence, usually seen as bony changes and/or excessive joint fluid on an x-ray.

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