What is Athlete Insurance and how does it Work?

From the professional level of sports down to youth leagues, athletes have to accept the risks and dangers that a typical sport like football, baseball,

How a Scientific Approach can Prevent Weight Gain when Injury Strikes

When sporting injury hits, it often means you have to stop physical activity entirely – and that can lead to serious long-term consequences when it comes to

How to recover from a Rectus Femoris Injury

For all sports and fitness enthusiasts out there times can be tough in some instances because after all, our bodies are truly human. We all

Take Steps to Protect Your Knees

Over the years, our knees are subjected to a tremendous amount of wear and tear. With each step, your knees absorb pressure that’s equal to

How To Recover From Achilles Tendon Injury

An Achilles tendon injury can occur to anyone. Read this blog and know the steps to recover from Achilles tendon injury. How To Recover After

Spring Into Shape!

There’s no better time than spring to renew your fitness goals and focus on getting in shape for summer. However, before you jump right in,


What can you do to treat knee cartilage pain? There are a number of surgical knee cartilage repair options available that you and your doctor

Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth Talks Concussions For TEDxChicago

Elizabeth M. Pieroth, PsyD, ABPP, MPH, Director of the Concussion Program at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, recently presented a TEDx talk on the topic of concussions. Dr.

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