How to Choose the Right Running Shoes: Five Options to Consider

Running has become popular due to its many health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular endurance and goal-oriented nature, but getting the most out of your

How to Build Muscle After 50

As we age, our bodies start losing muscle mass. The average person experiences muscle mass loss of 3 to 5 percent per decade after age

Is It Safe to Work Out While Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a standard diet routine people use to achieve weight loss goals. The simplicity of omitting food for pockets of time throughout the

Improve Your Fitness with Cross Training

Most of us have one or two favorite sports activities, and when we have free time, we want to spend it doing what we love

Five Life-Changing Benefits of Strength Training 

Strength training, aside from cardio, may be the most popular form of training both inside and outside of the gym. Whether it be a set

Can Vitamins Improve Athletic Performance?

Achieving optimal athletic performance requires a high energy expenditure, but in turn, high energy output must be adequately fueled. The importance of proper nutrition and

Does Medicare Cover Gym Memberships?

Medicare in the United States does not provide reimbursement or coverage for gym memberships. Under part A, original Medicare makes provisions for inpatient hospital services;

Weightlifting Accessories that Help Prevent Injuries

We all know that weightlifting is a sport that can lead to a ton of injuries if you don’t train correctly and you don’t look

Can Athletes Benefit from Using Infrared Saunas?

Athletes often have a lot of aches and pains, and using an infrared sauna can help to alleviate some of that pain. Infrared heat helps

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