Common Concerns About Sports Injury Treatments

You felt good when you woke up. You’ve been planning on pulling a new deadlift PR for weeks. Breakfast was two eggs, oatmeal, and a

Fitness Starts in the Kitchen

Whether you’re an athlete, a gym enthusiast, or just starting your fitness journey, it’s important to pay attention to your diet. Many people on a

How To Hydrate for A Better Workout 

Most avid athletes and gym-goers understand the importance of hydration for a good workout. Keeping yourself topped up with H2O as you train helps regulate

How Much Exercise Do You Need for a Longer, Healthier Life?

For many years, The American Heart Association and organizations such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have published physical activity guidelines outlining

A Look Into One of The Fastest Growing Sports: Water Polo

Water Polo is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA at all age levels. The popularity and growth of the aquatic sport is

How Important Is Clean Drinking Water When Working Out?

Quick water breaks are a must when you’re working out. Hydrating with clean drinking water helps your body function normally and improves your workout performance.

How To Squeeze Exercise into a Daily Routine

According to research from the Global Wellness Institute, U.S. consumers spend more money on physical activities than any other country in the world – a gigantic

Five Ways to Stay Healthy at Home

Gym memberships offer a lot, but they aren’t for everyone. For some, the prospect of getting dressed and driving somewhere to sweat with others prevent

Is Exercise Harmful or Beneficial if You Have Epilepsy? 

Epilepsy is one of the most common diseases that most young people struggle with today. Even though the world is better educated on the causes

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