Listening just got even more hands-off for our listeners. Sports Medicine Weekly podcasts are?now being syndicated on all Amazon Alexa devices!

Amazon Alexa devices, which include Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, are wireless, voice-activated ?smart speakers? that feature a personal assistant voice service named ?Alexa.? Similarly to Siri, Alexa will carry out the commands you say out loud to it. Current users have been using them to ask for the weather report, access their favorite music, and, most importantly, tune in to?podcasts.

Now you can take advantage of this smart technology, too! Spreaker has introduced our podcast in their 50,000+ catalog of podcasts, to Amazon Alexa, and have?developed a new skill?that can get our listeners tuning in to our podcast in seconds, no hands required.

Check out how the new feature works by reading the dedicated blog post.

To enable the skill on your Amazon Alexa device, go to the Amazon Store?here.

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