Organ & Tissue Donation; The 14 Day Transformation

Episode 15.04?with Hosts Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole. Broadcasting on ESPN Chicago?1000 WMVP-AM Radio, Saturdays from?8:30 to 9:00 AM/c. Segment One: Kevin Cmunt is

Why Sleep is Important To A Healthy Weight

The debate about the best way to reach a healthy weight always revolves around exercise and diet. But here?s why sleep is just as important

Join Karen April 13th for your 14 Day Transformation

It is the perfect time to shed those winter pounds! You will lose weight gain energy, kick sugar, and?boost athletic performance during this two week


Key Points: The ?female athlete triad? is a combination of eating disorder, lack of menstrual cycle, and low bone density This is a complex medical

Grow & eat green this spring!

NEWSLETTER March 2015 “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” – Hall Borland Today is the first day of Spring, the season of

Pre- and Post-workout Nutrition for High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)?has become hugely popular thanks to real results in shorter periods of time and extensive benefits. With busy schedules the norm, it?s

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism All Day

Burn more calories without even trying Have a sluggish metabolism? Fight back by doing these things throughout your day to boost your metabolism from morning

How To Love Your Heart

With Valentine?s Day today, hearts are everywhere, but how often do you actually think about the function of your heart? It?s a pretty incredible organ,

Maximize Post Injury Outcomes

Whether you are post surgical or recovering from a sprain, strain or fracture, you should anticipate a lot of education from your physical therapist to

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