It’s been well established that the best strength-training programs allow for some days of rest in between workouts?yet?some experts say you should do abs workouts every day. That approach works if you are interested in improving the muscular endurance of your ab muscles. The drawback is that everyday workouts make it hard to truly tax and “overload” your muscles?and asking your ab muscles to push and pull a bit harder than they’re used to is what allows for more change and morelasting change.

This mack-daddy of a workout will challenge your abs muscles in a new way?so new, in fact, that you’ll only need to perform this workout once per week. Let’s increase the intensity of your abs workouts so that you can decrease the frequency of them!

The Workout: Complete the following exercises in a row using the sets, reps, and rest phases noted below.

Oh! One last tip: Using your breath properly will improve the quality of the workout. Exhale during the contraction?when you are squeezing your ab muscles. The exhale will actually help you contract better and deeper. Then, inhale when you are relaxing, or on “the easy” phase.

Check out a preview of the workout in the pin-able graphic below, then CLICK?for a move-by-move breakdown.

BY?HOLLY PERKINS?For Women’sHealth

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