Podcast with Gretchen Dudon, Head of Retail Marketing at Mandara CBD in Boulder, CO, joining Steve and Dr. Cole to discuss the basics of CBD including- What is it? How is it different from THC? How is it classified? What are the benefits? And finally, how can you tell if a product is legitimate?

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Gretchen has worked extensively in the fields of renewable energy, medicine, corporate social responsibility, textiles, project management, and manufacturing for the last 15 years.? She is a scientist by training and an entrepreneur by heart.? Gretchen has been an advocate for hemp and cannabis for over 20 years and is passionate about educating folks on the plant?s many usages and history.?A sea, plant and mountain enthusiast, Gretchen is grateful to be able to serve our retail and brand partners and build the bridges necessary to bring forth quality products and innovation.

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With?Steve Kashul?and?Dr. Brian Cole

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