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So, you are working from home! Here are some of the habits you absolutely need to avoid if you are planning to stay on a

How to Keep your Brain Sharp so you can Perform to an Optimal Level at Work

It’s widely known that the workplace can be a stressful environment, whichever industry you work in and whichever level of the professional tree you find

Leading Causes Behind Weight Gain And Obesity

It’s stressful to step on a scale now and then and observe a gradual meter increase every single time. In most cases, you’d know why

What Usain Bolt’s Diet Plan Looks Like

When do you think of the word runner or sprinter who comes to your mind? Of course, it’s none other than Usain Bolt. The retired

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For those who suffer from arthritis, simple dietary changes may help reduce inflammation and provide relief. Research shows that eliminating certain foods and beverages may

Maintain Memory and Focus by Avoiding These 5 Foods

While the temptation of French fries washed down with soda or a cold beer is real, new evidence shows those looking to enhance memory and

Exercise More Important Than Weight Loss for Longer Life

Increase fitness or reduce weight? In the perfect world, healthy people do both, but which is more important for heart health and a longer life?

Here Are 7 Proven Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age

Contrary to belief, cognitive decline is not inescapable as you age. Just as exercise improves your physical fitness, there are proven ways to strengthen your

7 Crucial Post-Workout Recovery Tips

Your body needs to recover after you break a sweat, and what you do after your workouts dictates how fast and efficient this process will

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