How´┐Ż??s Your Heart Health?

You can get an estimate of your risk for a heart attack or stroke with an online heart health calculator; The factors used to calculate

Distant Socializing- Important For Health And Sanity

Maintaining physical distancing is important to prevent the spread of coronavirus but it may come with a heavy emotional cost; Use technology such as FaceTime,

This Crazy Time Can Be An Opportunity To Reboot And Recover

If your personal circumstances allow, use forced time off from school or work to get some rest, and start building back a baseline fitness level;

Sideline Sports Doc Essentials

New and Totally Free! Sideline Sports Doc was founded in 2010 by Dr. Dev Mishra, Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Stanford University.? Our primary

A Decade Of Sports Health

The past decade in sports health has seen advances in minimally invasive orthopedic surgery, wider use of biologic therapies, and strong proof around the benefits

Stingers and Burners In Football

Stingers are common in tackle football. The player will feel a burning or stinging sensation from the shoulder to the hand; The player can return

How Many Workouts Can You Miss And Still Stay Fit?

Time off from training whether for planned or unplanned reasons is inevitable; For recreational athletes who train consistently, time off from two to three weeks

Two Great Reasons To Do ACL Injury Prevention Warm-ups

Recently published scientific reviews show that ACL injury prevention programs are very effective, reducing ACL noncontact tear rates by more than 50% and at the

Successfully Playing Again After In-Season Shoulder Instability

There is controversy about the management of shoulder instability in the high school aged athlete, with many orthopedic specialists recommending surgery for first-time instability; However,

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