AlloSource employees come to work every day knowing the life-saving and life-enhancing impact one donor can have. We also understand the donation journey can offer hope and comfort to a family during a time of unimaginable grief, but we never believed a tragic loss would hit so close to home.

A few weeks ago, our Warehouse Supervisor, Daniel Tjandra, passed away after a motorcycle accident. He was a valued member of the AlloSource family for seven years, always inspiring others through his steadfast commitment to honor the gift of donation. After his passing, it was our turn to honor his gift. The wonderful staff at our organ procurement agency partner, Donor Alliance, worked tirelessly to facilitate his wish to become a donor. We find poignant significance in the knowledge that we were able to take care of one of our own.

Though not everyone at AlloSource worked directly with Daniel, we all knew him by his infectious smile and dedication to his work. ?His loss echoes through our organization and motivates us to carry on his positive energy and unrelenting passion for donation.? This Allograph is a tribute to Daniel.

Thank you,
Tom Cycyota
AlloSource President & CEO

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