When eight-year-old Campbell began complaining about arm pain, her mother took her to the doctor to find out the cause. Doctors discovered a large bone cyst in her arm and scheduled surgery to drain it. The unfortunate diagnosis forced her to stop swimming, playing basketball and enjoying time on the playground. Since Campbell is a very active child, time away from her favorite activities proved challenging.

Before Campbell could go in for surgery, she fell and broke her arm. Her doctor hoped the break might encourage the tissue to regenerate and prevent the need for surgery. However, after several months of waiting, they weren?t seeing any positive signs of healing. In November of 2014, Campbell?s doctor drained the bone cyst and filled the void with a bone allograft, tissue from a deceased human donor.

?The surgery worked well,? said Campbell?s mother, Pamela. ?Her bone cyst is mostly gone and Campbell?s doctor gave her the green light to resume normal activities.? Campbell is now back on the playground, thanks in part to a generous tissue donor.

Campbell and her family are forever grateful to the donor, as well as the family and friends of the person who chose to donate tissue. The experience also reaffirmed her mother?s belief in organ and tissue donation.

?I hope that my daughter’s story will inspire people to consider donation,? said Pamela. ?It is such a humane way to make the passing of another human into a lovely act of kindness. I’m grateful to the person who helped improve my daughter’s quality of life. She is a ray of sunshine in this world.?

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