One of the most dreaded things an athlete can hear is that your ACL is torn. I had to process this difficult news after waking up from surgery to repair my torn meniscus which uncovered that my left ACL was also torn from an old high school soccer injury. As a competitive 2’s sand volleyball player, this news was particularly difficult. Dr. Cole and his staff not only repaired my knee excellently, but were patient and comforting with the mental and spiritual aspects of my recovery. The entire team’s responsiveness to my questions was awe inspiring – I don’t think I’ve encountered a business with better customer service!

Injured or not, sitting on my laurels is just not something I’m capable of. Dr. Cole and his team understood this and, more broadly, how to work with athletes and our eccentricities. The focus was always on what I could do and staying aggressive on my physical therapy regimen. As a result, I felt busy and active during my recovery, even if the activities were different. Thanks to Dr. Cole and his team, plus a great physical therapy team, I regained full range of motion in my knee three weeks after surgery, was running comfortably at 8 weeks, resumed training in the sand at 12 weeks, and was practicing sand volleyball at 100% 4 months after surgery. I played in my first post-op competitive tournament 5 months after surgery; no brace, no pain, and no swelling. Since my ACL was torn for 10+ years without my knowledge, I can honestly say I feel better now – quicker and more stable – than I did before the ACL reconstruction. Thank you Dr. Cole, Kyle, Natalie and team!

? ? ? Caroline Allen

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