Karen Malkin, NBC-HWC, Board Certified Integrative Health Coach and Eating Psychology expert, joins Steve and Dr. Cole to discuss creating a Vision Map for a healthy 2020. Karen talks about how she keeps helps her clients stay on track with their resolutions and health goals so they can make a commitment to their health. You can get your own copy of a Vision MAP here.

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Karen Malkin, NBC-HWC, is a Board Certified Integrative Health Coach and Eating Psychology expert. Her?clientele includes executives, professional athletes, men and women of all ages, students, and motivated individuals who are ready for a new level of vitality. Some of her specialties include cleansing, emotional eating, weight loss, the science of nutrition, high energy super foods and smoothies, supplementation, managing cravings, and healthy lifestyle makeovers. She?frequently?appears on?Sports Medicine Weekly and presents in corporate settings.

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