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Segment One (01:31):?Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist,?Alex True Strength T-ShirtCarneiro,?from?Optimum Nutrition helps us understand how to sort out all the information available on supplements to select the best for our training program;?the role of protein supplements, caffeine, branched-chain amino acid and resveritrol for building muscle, fueling our workout and recovery.

As?an international leading fitness authority,?Alexandre?Carneiro?has spent?the last decade educating others on the meaning of fitness, health,?and connecting those?two things?with?a healthy mind.?With a?bachelor?s degree?in?kinesiology and nutrition, along with?positive, motivating philosophies, Carneiro has helped people all over the world achieve their fitness goals. From celebrities to military personal and everyday people, Alexandre has worked and helps expand his philosophy that fitness only needs one thing; a changing mindset.

Segment Two (13:33):?Dr. Cole announces?the?2nd Annual Chicago Sports Summit, a half-day event featuring some of Chicago?s heaviest hitters. Participants speak about how sports and after school activities empower youth to engage in positive behavior to help reduce Chicago?s violence.

Executives also discuss how they use sports marketing and celebrities to grow their business. Attendees will learn about new developments in sports science and how these advances impact an athlete?s endurance, performance and injury prevention.

Segment Three (20:08):?Dr. Wajde ?Dabah?from?Pain Therapy Associates?and?Dr. Brian Cole?discuss the use of physical therapy, as provided by?ATI Physical Therapy, for an?alternative to?Opiods?in managing pain.

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Wajde Dabah, MD, is a board-certified anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist. He has special expertise in spinal cord stimulation as well as treatment of complex regional pain syndrome, musculoskeletal pain and peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Dabah believes that chronic pain is a disease no different than hypertension or diabetes and that with time, commitment and partnership with his patients, they will take back control of their lives and overcome their chronic pain.

Dr. Dabah is also the medical director for transcranial magnetic stimulation, innovative technology for the treatment of depression.

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