Air Force Veteran Conquers Knee Pain with MACI

Motivation has never been an issue for Chris. Deployed in the Air Force, working out in the gym, or studying for the bar exam, he’s

Former Competitive Athlete Expresses Gratitude For Allograft Donation

Alyssa grew up in the Midwest as an extremely active girl who enjoyed playing sports. By the time she was fifteen years old, she underwent

Impact of Knee Pain

Before assessing your knee pain, it’s important for you to understand what may be happening at your point of pain. Here are some insights into

Understand the Anatomy and Pathologies of the Knee.

Dr. Brian Cole along with® introduce Deep Dive® Knee, an elegant interactive that supports powerful visuals with unparalleled detail. The attention and accuracy built into this

When Do Meniscus Tears Require Treatment?

By Dr. Jourdan Cancienne The knee is one of the most complex and commonly injured joints in the body.  The knee joint is made up

How a Collegiate Athlete is Making her Comeback from Cartilage Damage

In this week’s episode of the Sport’s Medicine Weekly Podcast, Dr. Brian Cole is joined by UCLA Beach Volleyball athlete Lindsey Sparks to discuss her

What to Know About Bow Legs

Bow legs (also known as “genu varum”) occur when a person’s legs bend outward and don’t touch at the knees, even if their feet and

Exercising With Knee Pain: Do’s and Don’ts

Exercise can often be the last thing on the mind of someone suffering from a chronic knee pain condition. And as research indicates, many people

Advice for Recovering from a Torn ACL

It all starts with a loud pop. The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, connects your shinbone to your thighbone and passes directly through the center

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