A bulging disc and broken bone in his back kept Brent from participating in Boy Scouts of America events with his son, one of their favorite ways to spend time together.

The pain in his back and leg became so severe he could not stand or walk for longer than 10 ? 20 minutes at a time. The constant pain took a toll on his life and it was difficult for Brent to serve as an assistant scoutmaster with his son?s Boy Scout troop. To ease his debilitating pain, Brent underwent a posterior lumbar spinal fusion. Doctors used AlloPac? cortical/cancellous chips in the procedure.

?I could tell as soon as I was able to get up and around that the surgery was successful because my pain was gone,? he said.

After Brent?s recovery, he has returned to all of the activities his injury prevented him from doing.

?The transplant has completely changed my daily life,? said Brent. ?I am able to walk and stand for long lengths of time without pain. I have been able to go on campouts, extended summer camps and hikes that before I would never have been able to do because of the pain.? Brent is thankful for the donated bone that played a crucial role in his surgery and has helped him recover.

?I am grateful that someone was thoughtful enough to donate tissue so someone like me could have a chance to be able to do the things I thought I never would.?

When asked what he would say to his donor, if he could, Brent appreciates the gift of?donation. ?I would say thank you for being willing to donate and know that I am so very thankful to have had the chance to receive the donation that changed my way of life. Your unselfishness is overwhelming.?

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