Ask yourself: How were the last five or ten of your workouts? Do you feel like you?re making progress and getting stronger, or have you plateaued??Many people might report the latter, and that?s because they haven?t figured out the secret that most exercise pros know and use every day, with themselves and with clients: cross training.

In simple terms, cross training just involves mixing it up?doing one type of exercise for a certain time one day, then another time and a different intensity a different day. Cross training performs an essential function for your muscles: It confuses them. By creating that confusion, your muscles are forced to work different fibers, which helps them build strength in unexpected ways.

Cross training can take a number of different forms?different exercises, different rest periods, different repetitions. It?s great for weight loss and for reducing injury, too. And cross training isn?t difficult to incorporate into your workout routine. This graphic can help, with more reasons why it?s great for you and your fitness, as well as routines to try this week.

Cross Training: Why it is a good idea to change things up

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