Box lacrosse games are played between two teams of six players each. The game can be played on roller hockey or indoor soccer rinks with walls.

Box lacrosse training is perfect for players who want to advance their skills. Exploring variations in traditional lacrosse with box lacrosse training will give you an additional advantage with more time and space. Some key benefits of box lacrosse training are as follows.

Stick Skills

Players have to learn and build excellent stick skills. They should be able to pick the spots to shoot at. You have to be highly accurate with your stick skills to hit what you aim for. This is required for both offensive and defensive players using short sticks.

Ball-Handling Skills

Box lacrosse training has tight confines. The reduced space speeds up the game and produces a perfect environment to improve quick decision-making skills. The size of the goal impacts more than the size of the field. Small goals make all the action in tighter confines. Exploring variations in traditional lacrosse with box lacrosse training will hone your ball-handling skills to optimum.

Small Nets

Since lacrosse training is played in small nets, a player always has to take high percentage shots. This is achieved by positioning the stick to the inside of the field.

Scoring Skills

The practice sessions include inside-out moves, rollbacks, underneath actions, split dodges, question mark moves, and swimming activities. The midfielders, defense players, and attack players repeatedly practice these moves to develop their weak hand at the game. The variations in box lacrosse training will dramatically improve your scoring skills.

Lacrosse IQ and Decision Making

Box lacrosse games have a 30-second shot clock. Players have to be constantly aware of the time, score, and shot clock in such a fast-paced game. All the critical decisions have to be taken in a split second every time they get the ball.

The game being back and forth, players get many more reps. Box shifts are fast and short, so the feedback is also instantaneous. Players must know when and where to take a good shot because of the tight confines.

Body Control and Handling Pressure

The two-person pick game is essential in box lacrosse, and defending 10 15 picks a game with a short stick will only help your outdoor game.

Offensive players learn how to handle the ball much better with a defenseman draped all over their hands. They must learn how to use their body to shield their stick from being checked and handle the ball better. They also need to know how to shoot around their defender.

Off-Ball Movement and Communication

In the game of box lacrosse, the off-ball movement is as essential as an on-ball movement. Due to the tight confines and the game’s fast pace, the defensive players have to communicate efficiently and quickly to keep up with speed and have a successful game.

Exploring variations in traditional lacrosse with box lacrosse training will help you work on your weaknesses, master your skills against the time and space crunch of the game and eventually become a good player.

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