Former Competitive Athlete Expresses Gratitude For Allograft Donation

Alyssa grew up in the Midwest as an extremely active girl who enjoyed playing sports. By the time she was fifteen years old, she underwent

Percussive Massage Devices: Muscle Relief in the Palm of Your Hand

In this week’s episode of Sports Medicine Weekly, Dr. Cole reviews some of the evidence-based benefits of the increasingly popular Percussive massage devices. Percussive massage

Fifty Years of Title IX: Celebrating Women in Sports

June 23 marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX, a groundbreaking federal law that prohibited sex discrimination in education, stating that, “no person in the

Dance Your Way to Fitness

While some hard-core athletes may question the classification of dance as sport, the superb muscle tone and tremendous fitness of dancers prove otherwise. In fact,

Becoming a Sports Injury Nurse: All You Should Know

If you love helping people and sports, you should consider a career in sports injury nursing.Unlike other nursing programs, choosing to become a sports injury

The Role of Psychological Factors In Sports Injury Management

A sports injury is something all athletes fear, even though they know that there is always a risk of sustaining one on the field. In

A Conversation with Six-Time X Games Medalist, Grete Eliassen

In this week’s episode of the Sports Medicine Weekly podcast, Dr. Brian Cole is joined Grete Eliassen. Grete is a six-time Winter X Games medalist,

Tips For Helping Athletes to Recover from Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a common issue for athletes, as the constant pressure on the legs caused by running and jumping can lead to vein inflammation

A Beginner’s Guide To A Career In Sports Psychology

If you are fascinated by the human psyche, enjoy helping others improve themselves, and thrive in a fast-paced environment, a career in sports psychology may

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