Golf Attire: Look Great, Play Great

Golf is a super popular sport that has been enjoyed by folks all over the world for many years. It is a game that really

What To Look for When Shopping for Ex Demo Golf Clubs

When it comes to golf, having the right tools is essential. Every golfer knows that, and that’s why it’s so important to shop for the

Common Pickleball Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Pickleball offers a fun and engaging way to stay active and socialize with others. However, the physical demands of pickleball, like any athletic activity, can

How to Choose the Right Running Shoes: Five Options to Consider

Running has become popular due to its many health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular endurance and goal-oriented nature, but getting the most out of your

Cross-Train with Irish Dance

Success as a running back in the NFL requires strength, stamina, speed, and fancy footwork. Players spend countless hours strengthening their legs and improving their

How To Prepare for A Pickleball Tournament

If you’ve been playing pickleball for fun, there might be a good chance you’ve also become good at it. Pickleball is easy to learn, yet

Can Kids with Heart Conditions Participate in Sports?

Most children tend to play for countless hours. As a parent, you should encourage your child to get regular physical activity to balance their inactive

Mental Health & Wellness In Sports with Guest Natalie Graves

In this week’s episode of the Sports Medicine Weekly Podcast, Dr. Brian Cole is joined by a special guest, Natalie Graves. Natalie Graves is an

How Runners Can Avoid Hip Injuries

While running is a great way to improve your overall physical fitness and health, you do have to be careful when embarking on this sport.

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